Landowner Options

How does RMP renewables Ltd. assist landowners to diversify their income?

1. If you wish to install a turbine yourself, please be advised that there are many complicated and time consuming considerations and issues to adhere to, including site assessment, planning, installation, grid connection and sourcing of quality materials, turbines and civil works. RMP renewables Ltd. together with their partners ensures all aspects are effectively and efficiently addressed so that you are generating energy and maximising income as quickly as is possible.

2. If however you wish to minimise the risk, you may avail of a number of options which include a supply of electricity to your home, thus reducing electricity expenditure or entering a rental agreement where all risk will be borne by RMP renewables Ltd. and for which you will receive an attractive regular rent, at no expense and for a period of between 20-30 years

In both instances the procedure begins with a site visit or submission of farm or land registry maps to detail various aspects of your site and provided it is initially encouraging this is followed by a feasibility analysis to ascertain its suitability for wind energy development.

Please see our Services section for the various procedures you may follow or contact us for more information.