RMP renewables Ltd. comprises of an experienced team of specialists and professionals that provide solutions for all aspects of wind power development and anaerobic digestors for landowners, businesses and commercial centres interested in wind energy development.

Whether you wish to:

• Install and develop a turbine(s) or AD plant yourself
• Enter into a lease agreement with us, where you will receive an annual rent
• Or just find out more about wind and AD energy generation,

RMP renewables Ltd. will present you with all the information you need to make an accurate and informed decision on your available options.

Advisory Services

If you decide that the best option for you is to self-install and develop, we can provide all the necessary services to effectively and efficiently ensure you generate the maximum income from your turbine(s). We conduct evaluations of all necessary aspects from financial and wind resource feasibility analysis and detailed planning assessments and submissions to grid connection applications and sourcing the most effective turbine for your particular site.

Site Leasing

If you decide the best solution is to lease, RMP renewables will manage, finance and develop the project for you and in return pay you an attractive financial package. In all instances we consider the continued agricultural or commercial activity a priority, during and after development on the site, with our senior members having been involved in working closely in various regards with landowners and farmers for decades.

If you wish to enquire into any of our services please contact us to discuss your requirements or book a site visit or meeting.

Are you a landowner?
Regardless of the size of your site, a suitable turbine can be selected to provide you with an additional income. We are actively seeking further sites for wind wind energy development. Please contact us

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