The Renewables Obligation (Amendment) Order (NI) introduced an increase of 2 ROCís from 2 to 4 per MWh on 01/04/2010 for onshore wind turbines with an output capacity below 250KW in NI, leading to a recent surge in interest in this market. This guarantee of ROC payments was extended until 2033. Please be advised that whilst the number of ROCís are guaranteed for each source of supply, the price for each ROC consistently varies (Although there is a built in mechanism to ensure the price remains fairly consistent).

The Renewables Obligation sets a level for electricity suppliers to source at least part of their electricity from renewable generators

ē In Northern Ireland, the level started at 2.5 per cent of electricity supplied in 2005-2006; the level for 2009-10 is 3.5 ROCs per 100 MWh and in 2010-11 is 4.27 ROCs per 100 MWh. Beyond 2010-11, the obligation levels will be set by the Department of Energy and Climate Change prior to the start of each obligation period, based on a series of formulae in the legislation.
ē In England & Wales and Scotland, this level started at 3 per cent of electricity supplied in 2002-2003. The level for 2009-2010 is 9.7 ROCs per 100 MWh and in 2010-2011 is 11.1 ROCs per 100 MWh.

All electricity generated from a turbine with a power output =250KW, whether it is used on site or is sold to back to the grid will currently achieve a ROC payment of around £0.165. Surplus electricity sold back to the grid will be paid on top of this incentive payment, typically achieving around 5-7p per KWh, resulting in £0.215 - £0.235 per KWh generated. This can be increased if you intend to consume electricity yourself, which you still receive your ROC payment for.

There is therefore the opportunity to not only save money but diversify your income also. RMP renewables are dedicated to ensuring you maximise this income potential with a solution which best suits you. We conduct a wind resource, planning and financial feasibility assessment to clearly provide you with an accurate indication of your potential income and allow you to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

If you do not wish to invest in a wind power development but would like to avail of a proportion of the income that can be generated at no risk or cost, there are various options available. These include entering into a rental agreement or receiving a substantial reduction in energy bills for the use of a small section of your ground with minimal disturbance. For more information, please contact us