Turbine Selection

RMP renewables Ltd has carefully chosen only the most highly experienced and reputable manufacturers to partner with, which can maximise electricity production at the wind speeds range present in Northern Ireland and minimise service charges and purchase costs. We can supply a range of turbines from 6KW water pumps to medium ranged 250KW (500KW in England) turbines, tailored to your needs so that you can maximise output and returns.

Selecting the size and power output of the turbine(s) to locate on your land is dependent on a number of critical factors, including; The size, wind speed and topography of your site, The LCA zone the site is within, the visibility of the site from main roads and tourist attractions, the proximity to historical monuments, areas of special scientific interest and to an adequate 3 phase connection and/or substation and off course your requirements. We assess these and other factors whilst conducting our feasibility analysis, see Services for more information.

Whereas a turbine with a power output in excess of 250KW may be necessary for very high energy consumers such as hospitals and large enterprise centres, e.g. the 660KW turbine installed at Antrim Hospital, it may not always be feasible to install one because of their usual proximity to town centres or concealed area's and because if any excess electricity is expected to be sold to the grid, there are greater incentives available per MWh produced for turbines with a power output equal to or below 250KW. The requirements of High energy consuming milk farmersí will be more than adequately met by a 50KW or less micro-turbine, which can be used to charge a battery, if you expect to consume most of the electricity or you are located too far from an adequate connection or alternatively you can be connected to the grid to sell your excess electricity.

Please be advised that a turbine with a larger power output may not produce as much electricity as a smaller rated one as it may be designed for a high wind speed which is not obtained on your site. For this reason it is important to consider the wind speed of your site and select the appropriately designed and tuned wind turbine model.