Full Feasibility Study

A full feasibility study includes a site visit and assessment and provides a strong indication of the wind resource feasibility, economic viability and grid connection potential, which will allow you to make an informed decision on whether and how to proceed. This information is normally required to assist in raising finance for the project if required. These assessments include but are not limited to those listed below:

A full site assessment and photographic survey
Distance reporting with technical measurements
An assessment of all the planning applications already submitted in the neighbouring area, to prevent expenditure when it is probable that the grid will have excess capacity feeding by the time you are ready to connect.
Grid and electrical connection considerations
Estimates of any necessary electrical infrastructure upgrade costs
Examination of site access and system installation logistics
Basic examination of potential shadow flicker effects, noise impact and visual influence zones
The economic viability and return based on energy production estimates
A full indication of the benefits of all alternatives, including project costs, anticipated maintenance costs, income from ROCs/excess sold and energy savings over the system lifespan
Check any aviation concerns to establish the potential impact on radar and report on whether a full study is likely to be requested
Guidance will be given about how best to alleviate any undesirable effects through calculated turbine positioning and orientation.
Options for turbine size and quantity will be suggested with regard to the available budget for the project, the power consumption on site and the results of the other parts of the study
Check local landscape and ecological designations in order to assess what degree and type of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies are likely to be requested by Planning, e.g. flora, fauna, bird, bat, etc
Clear advice on what to do next on planning, wind monitoring, grid infrastructure and logistics, including expected timescales.

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