If you wish to develop your own wind energy project, RMP renewables Ltd. can provide a specific service or all of the services required by our client to ensure successful installation, continued operation and maximum returns. We have established relationships with planning boards, grid connection assessors, financiers and turbine manufacturers which allow us to effectively and efficiently provide a professional indication of the probability of obtaining planning and grid connection.

A starting point is to decide whether you initially wish to have an initial desk-top survey conducted or if you are quite convinced of the potential of your site, you may opt for a full feasibility assessment. Please click the links on the left to see what each entails.

Please note that should you subsequently decide to lease the site to us, or upon visiting the site following booking a site assessment we would like to offer you a lease, we will return in full or not charge the assessment fee you had been quoted.

If you would like to discuss anything, please contact us.